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Jiaxing Jinli Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Pinghai Rd., and binhai avenue intersections, Jiaxing port chemical industrial park, Zhejiang, China
Tel:+86-573-85580888 85580333
E-mail: [email protected]
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[email protected] 
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Zhu Jianhua(+86-18605738888)

Wei jiangen (+86-13605732203)
Guojia  (+86-18606736623)

About jinli

Jiaxing Jinli Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002, and we removed our company into "Zhejiang Province Zhapu Economic Development Park" in harbor region of Jiaxing city in 2011. Located in the northeast of Zhejiang province and at the north bank side of Hangzhou Bay, this park is 105 km away from Shanghai and 110 km from Hangzhou city. Covering an area of 22000sqm, Jinli now has 160 employees, 12 of them are medium/senior engineers.

Since our establishment, Jinli has dedicated to the technical innovation, talents innovation and market innovation. Products include various kinds of nylon softening agent, plasticizers, rubber blowing agent, additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, dyestuff intermediates and disinfectants. Yearly production capacity has reached about 19,000 tons.

There are powerful technological strength and perfect testing and analytical instruments in Jinli, and we own all kinds of general-purposed reactors and pilot-scale experimental plants. Moreover, we also reserve fair amount of buildings and lands for further expansion.

We have obtained the certificate of ISO9000 quality system successfully, and our products now are well sold in USA, EU, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, etc.

Jinli Chemical sincerely welcomes clients at home and abroad to visit us to give instructions for our cooperation and development. Jinli is more than willing to hold up an enterprise reaching to the world together with you.

Our Principle: Mutual Benefit, Mutual Advancement, Mutual Encouragement.


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